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Hi everyone! I recently returned to Chicago from a whirlwind of a week in Chimborazo, Ecuador. The week started with a meeting with leadership from our partner organization, Plan, in Quito, with staff members Rossana and Catalina. We recapped last year’s summer and made some preliminary plans summer 2019.

We later visited the Tourism Police who provided safety information for volunteers. I then made my way down to Chimborazo, where I spent the next few days meeting with regional Plan staff, visiting clinics, and taking care of logistics for the project.






Throughout my week, I visited communities that hosted AMIGOS volunteers last year and will host them again this year. I had great conversations with host families who talked about how wonderful it was and how they consider those volunteers a part of their family.

Additionally, because 2019 will be our fourth year in the Chimborazo region, many communities are already thinking of ideas of what to do for their service project, and kids remembered campamentos and got excited for those.

I look forward to returning to Chimborazo at the end of May. In the meantime, I will be doing my best to learn more phrases in kichwa and continuing getting ready for the summer!

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