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Last week was busy with planning and practicing and on Saturday the 4th all their hard work paid off. The presentations were amazing. Some of the participants came dressed to impress, walking in with the traditional wear of their community. From songs to dances to amazing skit and videos, they really stepped up to the plate. These presentations were before a panel of judges, even the mayor of Guamote came out to see what all the hoopla was about.

The kicker, not only did the participants have to be charismatic, businesslike, and they’re normally amazing selves, but they also had to do so… ALL IN SPANISH! It was such an amazing sight to see, the participants on stage with community members acting out and singing with an improved level of Spanish. It was really something. We hope the participants got as much out of the experience as we did behind the scenes. They all put their hearts blood, sweat, and all! But there could only be one.

A big congratulations to the communities that won: First Place, Sablog Santa Martha, Second Place, Santa Cruz de Guamote, and Sarachupa rounding out the competition with a third place victory.


This was only the second time all the participants had been together as a group and won’t be the last with debriefing knocking at the door.

How time has flown, we are already entering the last week of our participants stay in community. Many are excited to be going home to see family and loved ones so soon; still many are feeling the sting of growing pains as they are preparing to say their goodbyes this Saturday. There will be stories for days so friends, family, and all who know our participants, prepared yourselves for memories of a summer well spent.

Upcoming event(s):


August 11th, 2018: Despedidas

This is a time of communing and sharing of experiences had this summer. It is a time allotted for participants and host family members to say final goodbyes, enjoy photos taken over the summer and share one final meal together.

August 11th – 14th: Debriefing

This is it! The last big event before the participants head home. After saying their last goodbyes, the participants will be coming to Staff City to enjoy the city life as well as excursions planned the Chimborazo Project staff. There will fun activities as well as some introspective sessions to help participants process their unique experience this summer. Also, during this time will be the t-shirt reveal! SO much excitement.


The traditional wear the girls are seen wearing are called Anacos. Don’t they look great?


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