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Valle y Veraguas: Intro to Session B

By Trinity C.

The AMIGOS Panamá: Valle y Veraguas program promised me opportunities to grow in my knowledge of the biodiversity, culture, and history of Panama. Not only do I feel that I have accomplished this but I’ve also made some of the best friends I’ve had in my lifetime. Thanks to the creative and detailed structure of the program I have been able to build bonds with both my fellow volunteers and wonderful directors and coordinators. As a community, we make sure we are feeling well both physically and emotionally so we are able to effortlessly keep the energy high. This makes learning about a variety of topics and volunteer work fun and productive.

Panama is filled with beautiful views and adventures, fulfilling activities, and most importantly a community that feels like a big family. We can always expect to have an exciting day waking up with friends and upbeat music, walking together to meals where we all eat together, one of the highlights being platanos fritos. Our days are filled with activities like volunteering while we are ensconced in nature, workshops to build community and learn about our world, and wellness time where we play soccer or visit stores around Panama.

I honestly believe this program has been one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, and engaging experiences of my lifetime.

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