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Project Supervisors spent time visiting the communities where participants will live this summer. The residents are so excited to host them! Supervisors have been working hard to make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted.

We held a training for host families to make sure that everyone’s is on the same page about summer logistics and rules. The community members loved talking about last year’s projects, many of which are still up and running. Even the supervisors got a chance to live out the day in the life of a participant.

Training for participants, also known as briefing, is just about to start. They’ll learn about Ecuador and the Chimborazo region, do fun activities, and get ready for their community placements. Our staff is doing our best to make it as equally fun as it is informative.

We can’t believe how fast time is passing and we can’t wait for participants to arrive  and immerse themselves in these wonderful communities with the equally excited and kind families!

Safe travels and hasta pronto!

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