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Our volunteers in Cañas are having a great time and loving their stays with their host families! Here is a collection of thoughts from a few of them on what the food has been like in community so far:

“The food here at our host families is really good because our host mom is from Peru (!) and she doesn’t like just beans and rice so we have had different kinds like pasta (dinner), cereal (breakfast), and rice and vegetables (lunch). All the food is so good and I wouldn’t trade it for anything”. – Amelia

“All the food has been so incredible and the host families have been so nice. My host mom has made sure that I’m enjoying the food and getting enough. Over the past few days I’ve been trying lots of new foods and so far I’ve liked all of them!” – Sophia

“The food in community has been delicious. The food has been similar to last week but the portions have been huge. My favorite meals have been the ones with the salads since the tomatoes in Costa Rica are super sweet”. – Aditya

“Food in Cañas is amazing! My host mom is Peruvian so she doesn’t cook Costa Rican rice and beans everyday. We have been eating cereal, coffee, and fruit for breakfast which has been nice and light. For lunch and dinner it has been rice and beans or pasta which has been so delicious! Es muy rico!” – Maya

“Food in community is wonderful! My host mom is an immigrant from Peru, and her cooking reflects that, so we haven’t had rice and beans in community yet. I love all the food I have eaten in Cañas. A new food is estufado, but I like it a lot.” – Yumi

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