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Panama may be a country that brings to mind hats and a big canal, but there is so much more to this vibrant and diverse region. AMIGOS has a middle school project in Panama, where volunteers will get to work with a sea turtle sanctuary. You should make plans to visit Panama as soon as you can!

Here are four reasons why Panama should be a part of your travel plans this summer!

Panama City is the world’s only capital city with a rainforest inside.

It may be hard to picture a rainforest in a major city, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in Panama! Only a short ride beyond the city center, and you will find yourself directly in the middle of one of the most bio-diverse rainforests in the southern hemisphere. Volunteers who travel with AMIGOS will get the chance to experience the rainforest themselves as they live with their host family!

Panama is filled with world-famous attractions.

Despite its size, Panama is filled with remarkable things to do and places to see. One of the most famous sites is the Panama Canal, which is often considered one of the technological wonders of the world. Panama City itself is one of the most cosmopolitan urban centers in Central America with over 500 years of history you have to experience for yourself.










Panama is a center for biodiversity in Central America.

Known as the meeting point for North and South America, this “bridge” is home to a vast number of native species from both continents. According to the National Society for the Protection of Nature of Panama, this country is home to over 10,400 types of plants, 250 mammals species, and 970 indigenous bird species.










Panama is known for being incredibly welcoming.

As a historical crossroads for decades, Panama has a longstanding history of welcoming travelers from around the world. Panamanians are known for being warm and friendly, setting up an inviting atmosphere for everyone. The incredible diversity of activities around the country, from calm beaches to extensive shopping to tropical adventures, allows everyone the chance to find a part of Panama they will fall in love with.


Are you ready to visit Panama? Learn more about AMIGOS projects in Panama this summer!

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