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5 Latin American YouTubers to Watch to Practice your Spanish!

Have you ever wondered who some of the most popular travel Latin American YouTubers are? These fun content creators have been filming and editing videos for years, taking their Spanish-speaking audiences around the world through their camera lenses. 

As a student currently learning or practicing Spanish, checking out some of these YouTubers before your AMIGOS summer or gap experience could be an amazing way to dip your toes into Spanish vocabulary and slang. And chances are, when you meet local youth in your AMIGOS project, they might know who some of these YouTubers are, which is a fun way to bond with your new Latin American friends and even host families! 

Check out these fun videos to get your Spanish flowing – and remember – some of these content creators add subtitles to their videos. So, if you need some help, you can slow down the video by changing the speed or activating the subtitles.

Have fun checking out their YouTube channels! 


Image: Mexico Desconocido


Alan Estrada is one of the most popular travel YouTubers in all of Latin America. He is originally from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, but currently lives in the buzzing and colorful metropolis of Mexico City. Once he arrives in a new country or city, he gives his viewers great travel tips and fun facts about the nation’s’ culture and unique travel spots. He has traveled all around the world, and some of his series in Latin America include countries like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.


Luisito Comunica is quite a character who is well-known in Latin America. He is a funny, friendly, and charismatic traveler who loves exploring the world. Not only is he considered the most famous YouTuber in Latin America – but he has a following that places him as one of the top YouTubers in the world! He is also from Mexico, originally from Puebla, but currently lives in Mexico City. Luisito tends to use a lot of Mexican slang and jokes – but he has traveled so much around Latin America, that he incorporates words like “chévere” (“cool”, used in countries like Ecuador and Colombia), into his daily vocabulary. Some of his most recent travels include countries like Cambodia, Spain, Finland, and Honduras. 



Juanes is originally from Medellin, Colombia, but Asian culture has always held a special place in his heart – especially South Korean culture. Even though a lot of his videos are exploring and comparing the cultural differences between Latin America and South Korea, he has a lot of travel videos exploring various parts of the world. Some of his travel vlogs were filmed in countries like Australia, Turkey, Greece, and Peru. He also has fun videos alongside his friends, where they try food and drinks from different countries from Asia and Latin America. Watching Juanes’ videos could be a fun way to explore different cultures and learn slang in Spanish from Colombia, and also from the Latin American countries his friends are from.



Mariel is a YouTuber from Mexico City passionate about travel and culture. She graduated from university with a degree in Journalism and worked in newspapers and radio shows before becoming a full-time traveler and online content creator. Her fun videos explore countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Turkey, Morocco, Qatar, and more! She also adds daily content on her Instagram stories, where you can follow along with her day-to-day life whether that is at home in Mexico, or on her next travel adventure around the world. 



Last but not least…superholly! Holly has great video content in Spanish comparing curious things from U.S. and Latin American cultures. She is a charismatic and friendly YouTuber that was originally born in the U.S., but actually lived in Mexico throughout her childhood and teenage years, which explains her Mexican accent. After graduating from university, she worked as a radio show host for a Spanish-speaking radio station in Los Angeles, California. Today, she lives in Houston, Texas, and creates content around language and culture, as well as tips for Spanish speakers on how to practice English. Her father is a linguist and lived in Veracruz, Mexico for over 15 years! Check out her video below on what it was like to grow up in Mexico. 


We hope these YouTube videos are useful as you practice your Spanish for your AMIGOS trip! And if you haven’t signed up for an AMIGOS experience yet, check out our program offerings for this year.


AMIGOS volunteers will be traveling to Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and even Colorado this summer! Don’t forget to join our info sessions to learn more about each program.


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