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Why volunteer abroad? There are a million ways you could spend your summer break: sleeping all day, getting a part-time job, making a YouTube channel, eating as much ice cream as possible…
But what if you could do something totally different? Something out of your comfort zone that could broaden your personal, professional, and educational horizons? 


It’s time to volunteer abroad.

Here are 5 reasons why you should volunteer abroad:



You can immerse yourself in an entirely new culture

Volunteering abroad lets you live like a true local! By living with a host family and away from the touristy spots, you get a chance to see an entirely new culture in an authentic way. It’s one thing to drive past and take a picture. It’s truly life-changing to see the world by living in it, eating food where the locals do, and becoming a part of their everyday. You’ll learn to embrace the unexpected in the everyday, causing you to adapt quickly and boost your confidence.



You’ll meet people from all around the world

Whether it’s peers from the U.S. who are also heading abroad, your little host brother, or the cafe owner in your Costa Rican community, volunteering abroad gives you a chance to meet people you never would have met otherwise. When you go beyond language barriers, you go beyond the limits of your social circles. You never know who’s down the road!



You can help make a difference in a community

Authentic volunteering abroad with community-led projects lets you jump in and build on the community in a way that works for them and meets their needs. Most service projects are sustainable only when the community owns them and participates in the effort. Partnering with community members ensures you’re meeting a community’s needs in an honest and lasting way.



You will prepare yourself for your future career

While good grades and internships can help you pursue your career dreams, volunteering abroad brings so much more to the table! You’ll gain new skills and expand on previous ones. From learning to cook traditional dishes and design plans for a new playground to painting murals in a community space, there are so many things to try. Your confidence will soar as you face new challenges head-on, leaving you ready for the world. These opportunities can help shape your future, inspire new dreams, and help you bring real-life experience into the job market. 



You can unplug and live simply

In a world where life revolves around social media, unplugging can be scary. But learning to live simply and take a break from the Insta stories lets you enjoy the little things. Being present in the moment gives you a chance to slow down and breathe. You can enjoy the sights, sounds, and joy right there in front of you instead of behind a screen. As your perspective shifts, you have time to think about what truly matters to you.


How many summers have you spent in the same place? It’s time to jump in and see what the world has waiting for you. Apply now for an AMIGOS program. Adventure is calling!
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