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This post was sent to us by our project leadership team in Cocle, Panama this summer. 


7. It will rain today, be prepared because otherwise you will get drenched.

rain in panama


6. Plantains can be cooked into anything.

plantain panama


5. Penonomé is one of the greatest cities in the world.


4. Aguacero does not mean cero agua, you will get wet!


3. If you do not respond “buenas” on a bus or whenever anyone enters the room, you are rude.


2. Tortillas here are not what you thought you were.

tortilla panama


1. You have enjoyed a piping hot bowl of chicken soup in a 90-degree day.



If you’re interested in projects in Panama next summer, check out our project in Cocle! You’ll learn about environmental sustainability while living with a host family and completing a community project.



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