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A message from AMIGOS President & CEO, Sara Nathan


Dear AMIGOS Family,

What can I say about this year that hasn’t already been said?

In the past few months, we have been challenged, disappointed, anxious, and uncertain. We have been faced with very difficult problems and many have suffered unimaginable losses. Through it all, to me, AMIGOS has been a ray of hope.

Our global network showed us the importance of reaching out to each other in difficult times. Many of our partner agencies in Latin America took action to support people who are increasingly vulnerable during the pandemic. Our chapter network supported our organization to keep AMIGOS strong. Alumni, families, and friends of AMIGOS made donations as we faced our first-ever program cancellation. And our volunteers demonstrated their commitment to supporting their communities thoughtfully and creatively in our new virtual programs this year.

I am incredibly grateful for the AMIGOS family. This is a family that shows up for each other time and time again. It is a family that stands up for what’s right, and a family that strives to make their community stronger — locally and globally.

For many, this Thanksgiving looks different from the ones that came before. As I spend this holiday with my own family at home, I take comfort in knowing that the whole AMIGOS family – all 30,000 of you – is out there: supporting one another and pushing for positive change

I look forward to the day we can reconnect in person. Until then, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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