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Meet Aniyah, our Amigo of the Month for February 2022! Aniyah is from Washington, D.C. and is joining AMIGOS this summer for the Cartago y Caribe Project in Costa Rica. She is most excited to meet new people, help people, and gain responsibility and describes herself as hardworking and outgoing.



Find out more about Aniyah:

Favorite Food: spaghetti

Best Halloween Costume: skeleton

Pet: a bunny named Simba

Favorite Books: anything suspense!

Favorite Sport: cheerleading

Favorite Singer: Drake

Llama or Wolf?: Wolf


Aniyah says she is a perfectionist and passionate about her future and wants to be a business owner and writer when she grows up. We’re so excited to have you join us, Aniyah! Welcome to the AMIGOS family.



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