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UPDATE: August 31st, 2017

Dear Amigos,

As we communicated on Tuesday and as you have seen in the news, Houston and its surrounding communities have been experiencing an unprecedented tragedy due to Hurricane Harvey. The devastation is extensive and not yet fully understood.

Our office in Houston was closed so that our staff could focus on their own safety and their families. Team members outside of Houston have been supporting to ensure our work continues moving forward.

While our office in Houston has officially reopened, we are fully backing our team should they choose to volunteer to support friends, family, or neighbors in our community.

Looking ahead we will be exploring ways to support the recovery in Houston. This year, AMIGOS will look to partner with local organizations to support the rebuilding effort, inviting our alumni, participants, and supporters to join us. More details to come.

For those who wish to support those in need, financially or otherwise, we ask that you review the options listed in the Houston Chronicle.

On behalf of the entire AMIGOS community, thank you for your thoughts and continued outreach.


Sara Nathan

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