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AMIGOS is excited to announce a new partnership with the World Affairs Council of Austin. Their programs and events, which focus on student involvement in cross cultural communication and understanding, are great opportunities to engage with the global community at a local level. Through events and speakers, students learn about new cultures and international affairs. AMIGOS alumni can bring their cultural immersion experiences back to share with international groups that visit the greater Austin area. You can learn more about the organization below and visit their website to see events in Austin, Texas.


The World Affairs Council of Austin inspires our local community to critically engage, investigate, and reform our understanding of international affairs—and this year, we are excited to begin our partnership with Amigos de las Américas!

Through rich and diverse programming and events, the World Affairs Council of Austin strives to foster global citizenship and personal enrichment as students of all ages and backgrounds develop skills to motivate social change.

We encourage informed and bipartisan discussion of universal affairs and provide opportunities for learners and thinkers to interact with influential, global experts. We regularly hold events for the Austin community and our members—at venues like Austin Community College, the University of Texas, and St. Edward’s University.

Youth and educational programming is an exciting and growing opportunity. Our team hopes to expand our Academic WorldQuest competition, a yearly gathering of more than 4,000 high school students. In February, Austin area students will demonstrate their understanding of global current events and foreign policy with the hopes of competing at the national contest in Washington D.C.

Our vision is to help craft and expand a societal consciousness through the opportunity of dialogue. Through conversation, understanding can be reached. We invite community participation as we propel these efforts, and ignite a future of global trade, understanding, and peace!

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