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Power of Partnerships – Growing AMIGOS in 2023

AMIGOS has officially launched our 2023 Summer Programs. Our outreach teams are hard at work connecting with students across the U.S. and Latin America. As we prepare to enroll more than 700 students in our 2023 programs, we are also developing new enrollment partnerships.  

The partnerships team is led by Danielle Mulack, Senior Manager of National Outreach and Partnerships. Danielle works with our existing partners such as the Houston Independent School District and CollegeTrack to support new cohorts of volunteers joining AMIGOS. She will also be working to develop new enrollment partnerships with schools and other youth-serving organizations.  

Why partnerships for AMIGOS? 

Partnerships make AMIGOS more inclusive and accessible for students from under-resourced backgrounds. The AMIGOS experience is powerful and often life-changing. At the same time, the experience can be intimidating, especially for students and families who are undertaking a travel experience away from home for the first time. These partnerships offer more support to students and families, and they also often provide additional funding for the students to participate.  

Partnerships are also beneficial because they allow AMIGOS to reach more students at one time. In our partnership opportunities, AMIGOS can either be an official or preferred provider of summer programming for these students or can create a custom program for the group. We are excited to find more ways to bring young people into AMIGOS programs.  

This partnerships work is supported by Scott and Cathi Roberts who made a $250,000 donation in 2020 toward this effort. Their contribution is being spread across five years to bolster the Partnership Fund for financial assistance and to support the partnerships team.  

Scott says, “The Partnership Strategy has the chance to provide not only more volunteers but also more stability for AMIGOS programs. We hope that other AMIGOS supporters will help fund this strategy, so it has a chance to start strong and grow for the future.”  

Partnership Spotlight – CollegeTrack

Students from CollegeTrack Washington D.C. and San Francisco Bay Area offices joined AMIGOS in 2022 through the support of generous donors to the AMIGOS Partnership Fund and with support from our local AMIGOS chapters.   

“…When I found out I had the opportunity to apply for free at College Track, I was absolutely ecstatic. I am applying because the [number] of opportunities this program provides is amazing. It could give me the chance to widen my knowledge on the culture of a different country and practice my Spanish so I could communicate easier with my grandma and other family members (and pass my Spanish class AP test)…”  – 2022 CollegeTrack AMIGOS volunteer  

Partnership Spotlight – DiscoverU

Students from DiscoverU, an initiative of the Houston Independent School District, joined AMIGOS in 2022 and many years before. These students are supported by the AMIGOS Partnership Fund, the AMIGOS Houston Chapter, and DiscoverU funding.  

Are you interested in partnering with AMIGOS to expand more opportunities for young people? Reach out to Danielle Mulack, Senior Manager of National Outreach and Partnerships, at [email protected].

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