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Read the Article | Amigos de las Americas | December 8, 2022

AMIGOS is thrilled to partner with Princeton’s Novogratz Bridge Year Program to facilitate an academic year-long program hosted in San Isidro, Costa Rica. The Novogratz Bridge Year Program is centered around the AMIGOS pillars of cultural humility, ethical service, and leadership development.

Novogratz Bridge Year Program participants will explore topics like the relationship between people and the environment, how local agencies are addressing environmental conservation and climate change, and how they can get involved in these issues themselves. Costa Rica is an ideal place to learn about these topics. Participants live with host families in the semi-rural region of Perez Zeledon, where they will immerse themselves in Costa Rican culture and practice Spanish and will intern with a local organization to support ongoing community projects and to carry out a service project.  

AMIGOS has operated in Costa Rica for more than three decades. During this time, we have fostered strong and collaborative partnerships with government institutions, NGOs, and cooperatives. Our approach in Costa Rica has shifted from partnerships with government organizations such as the Ministry of Health and a focus on public health issues to environmental conservation, youth leadership development, civic engagement, and cultural exchange. Examining these critical themes, along with AMIGOS work and relationships with local actors, will provide deep and meaningful opportunities for Novogratz Bridge Year students.

AMIGOS is among several providers partnering with the Novogratz Bridge Year that run programs in Cambodia, Bolivia, India, Indonesia, and Senegal.

Learn more about the Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year Program here.


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