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Read the Article | Amigos de las Americas | April 30, 2020

AMIGOS President & CEO Sara Nathan spoke with Military Families Magazine to share some tips for how to stay engaged with your community even if you’re stuck at home.

First, she recommends using this as an opportunity to connect with your own family and explore your history and cultural traditions.

Next, she encourages teens to start by assessing local needs. What can teens do to help people in their area? Buying groceries for a neighbor or sewing cloth masks are places to start.

Technology has been a key part of many people’s experience during this pandemic. Students can look for online experiences and ways to travel or connect virtually.

Finally, it can help to think in the long term. This crisis will pass, but youth have an opportunity to plug in today and create the change they want to see in the future.

Read the article in Military Families Magazine here.

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