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Read the Article | Amigos de las Americas | October 7, 2014

By Kalimah Redd Knight

Students accepted into Tufts University’s 1+4 Bridge-Year Program may now choose to do a gap year in Latin America with AMIGOS. Read the full article here.

Tufts students may spend a year abroad before starting classes – an opportunity to see the world, learn a language, get real-world experience, and come home with a new perspective. AMIGOS offers a comprehensive gap year program for any student who is interested. Students receive leadership training before they go abroad, but this training continues throughout their gap year. They participate in leadership development workshops, take Spanish classes, live with a host family, complete an internship, go on excursions, and work on a sustainable service project.

AMIGOS is proud to be part of such a valuable experience that prepares students for college and their career in a way that is transformational.

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