2020 Summer Project Staff

Available Positions

Each summer AMIGOS trains over 100 college students and young professionals from all over the Americas to mentor our program volunteers and lead our summer projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. All travel and living expenses are covered for these positions and Senior Staff positions also receive a stipend.

Project Supervisor 

College students and graduates with experience working with adolescents and children can apply to be Project Supervisors, the initial level of management. Project Supervisors coordinate with partnering agencies to prepare host communities for volunteer arrival and to plan the structure for implementing community service activities. Project Supervisors visit volunteers in their communities, assist in problem solving, and respond to volunteer emotional, health and safety needs. Project Supervisors generally work on a team of 4-10 people, and are overseen by a Senior Staff Team.

Operations Coordinator (Discover AMIGOS Program only) 

AMIGOS is looking for two Operations Coordinators for a short-term cultural immersion program for young people aged 13–15. The Operations Coordinator is part of the first level of the Project Staff Team. The young people who are selected to participate as AMIGOS Operations Coordinators receive intensive training and develop international leadership skills. Operations Coordinators are part of the project staff team of 4–10 people and are overseen by the Senior Staff Team. The Operations Coordinator has many of the same duties as Project Supervisors, but they also travel with the volunteers on the international leg of their flight at the beginning and end of the two-week program.

Senior Project Supervisor

Senior Project Supervisors are part of the Senior Staff Team and actively collaborate in the planning and preparations for each project. During the time volunteers are in their communities, Senior Project Supervisors will split their time between managing projects in several communities and assisting with overall program implementation.

Associate Project Director

Associate Project Directors are part of the Senior Staff Team and work alongside the Project Directors in managing and directing the project, from program design and evaluation to training the Project Supervisors. Associate Project Directors also manage project budgets.

Project Director

Project Directors are the highest level of project management in the field and are part of the Senior Staff Team. Project Directors travel to the assigned country several months before projects begin in order to finalize plans with partnering agencies. During the project, Project Directors oversee volunteer training and overall management of the project.

Read more about our projects here. All project staff team members are expected to be present in their work area for the full duration of the indicated project dates. Please review carefully before applying. AMIGOS.

Summer 2021 dates TBD.

What are the requirements to be a Project Staff member? 

In order to qualify for a Project Staff position, you must be at least 18 years old. All Project Staff applicants must be at least one year out of high school – either having completed their first year or university or having completed a year of work/life experience. Spanish is the working language in our project areas, and all applicants must have strong Spanish skills, as well as fluent English in order to communicate with our U.S. volunteers.  

Senior Staff applicants should have prior experience working on AMIGOS staff teams or experience running international or intensive programs.  

Discover AMIGOS applicants should specifically have experience on short-term international programs or with middle school students. 

What are the minimum requirements to be a Project Staff member?

• 18 years of age or older
• Excellent or fluent Spanish-speaking ability
• Fluent English-speaking ability
• Returning AMIGOS applicants must have completed at least one year of college and applicants new to AMIGOS must have completed a minimum of two years of college.
• Previous work with teens or youth, work experience with cross-cultural immersion in the developing world and abroad, and experience working with teams.

Applicants must meet the following date requirements:
Project Supervisors and Operations Coordinators:

  • Participate during webinars and online training activities starting in February.
  • Must arrive 16 days before project start date and stay 7 days after the project end date.

Senior Staff Team: (Project Director, Associate Project Director, Senior Project Supervisor):

  • Participate during webinars and online training activities starting in December
  • Must arrive 28 days before and stay 7 days after the project end dates;
  • Physically attend a 10 day training workshop in its entirety in Houston, TX at the end of March.
  • Project Directors: must also participate fully in a 10-14 day survey trip to their project area which will include in-person training activities conducted by your Regional Director.

Are Project Staff positions paid? 

Senior Staff positions (Senior Project Supervisors, Associate Project Directors, and Project Directors) receive a stipend. Project Supervisor positions do not receive payment. All travel and living expenses are paid for by AMIGOS for all positions. Covered expenses include: airfare to Latin America, ground travel, food, communications, and lodging. AMIGOS also covers all costs related to training. For Senior Staff, this includes a week-long leadership training in Houston, TX. 

Where will I live? 

On the Summer Immersion Program, AMIGOS Project Staff teams have between 4-10 members. Team members live in a “staff house,” which also serves as an office. Project Supervisors spend 3-4 days a week visiting volunteers in communities, staying the night in each community they oversee. Senior Staff members are based out of the staff house all week long, and may spend their days in and around the headquarter city or traveling to communities as needed. Over the weekend, all Project Staff members are in their headquarter city, where they plan for upcoming events, meet with partner agency representatives, do paperwork, and take a break. 

Discover AMIGOS Project Staff members live in a variety of housing, including but not limited to shared staff accommodations, hostels alongside volunteers, and host families during community stays. 

Will I have days off? 

Project Staff members may take some personal time during the week, but there are not full days off. Applicants new to AMIGOS should recognize that this is a rewarding experience that is also very intense. This is much more demanding and strenuous than a 40 hour/week office position. 

What are the communities like where I could be assigned to work? 

The communities range from very rural to semi-urban, with populations ranging from 150 people to a few thousand. The work areas in our host countries vary greatly in terms of geography, culture, and climate. Communities have varying levels of access to basic goods and services. Some host families have homes with running water, flush toilets, hot water, and a TV, while others have none of these amenities. We encourage new applicants who have not had experience working in rural areas to contact our staff with any questions during the application process. 

How good does my Spanish need to be? 

Selected applicants must have strong Spanish in order to be able work with our partner agency representatives, communicate with community members and other contacts, and most of all, to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers. 

How long do I need to be in country? 

For the Summer Immersion Program, Project Supervisors need to be in country 16 days prior to U.S. volunteer arrival. Senior Staff need to be in country 28 days prior to U.S. volunteer arrival. All Project Staff members must remain 7 days following volunteer departure. 

Discover AMIGOS staff dates vary; please contact our staff for more details.