Service Hour Calculator

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Adding AMIGOS to Your Resume

Here’s an example that shows how you might add your AMIGOS experience to your resume:

Participant with Amigos de las Américas, [COUNTRY, TIME FRAME, YEAR]

  • Earned [ENTER YOUR SERVICE HOURS] hours of community service, including 36 hours of leadership training
  • Designed and implemented a sustainable community-based service project
    • Coordinated with community leaders to develop plan and budget
    • Identified local resources and participants needed to complete project
    • Planned stages of the project
    • Worked with community to raised funds for the community-led project
  • Taught classes on [INSERT THEME] with local youth
  • Lived with a host family, adapted to the daily rhythm of the community
  • Communicated predominantly in Spanish

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

AMIGOS is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. AMIGOS does not purchase physical awards for alumni but we can enter students’ hours into the system so that they are able to list the level of the award they’ve earned on resumes, applications, etc.

In order to request this, please email Admissions at [email protected] and list your name and project.

*Hours are approximate. Final totals may vary depending on involvement. Local chapters may approve additional service hours.