We came together in new ways through the Adelante Festival. 


We celebrated, we connected, and we made an impact for AMIGOS. Together, we raised nearly $135,000 for our mission and students and we strengthened our community in the process. 


Adelante Festival Lineup

Kick-Off Challenge: Alumni Fundraising

August 5th–September 11th

Calling all alumni! Support future young leaders by creating your own fundraising campaign page.

A Storytelling Series: AMIGOS across the Generations

August 10th–September 11th

Intergenerational interviews and stories about AMIGOS in a StoryCorps platform and more. Discover shared experiences across generations.

A Virtual Gallery: Alumni Voices through the Arts

August 15th–September 11th

Alumni explore what “action” looks like in our communities through haiku poems and photographs.

Auction: Shop for Good

Starts August 25th

Make an impact for AMIGOS while bidding on some amazing auction items! Start your bids now.

Youth Showcase: 2020 Volunteer Project Pitches

August 25th–September 11th

Learn about some of the incredible service projects that student volunteers in the Community Impact Project are undertaking in their local communities this summer.

Adelante Benefit

The Headlining Event of the Adelante Festival

Saturday, September 12th

8:00–9:00 PM ET / 5:00–6:00 PM PT

If you missed the show, or just want to watch again, click here! Highlights include inspiring speeches, moving performances, and engaging music. You can even listen to one of a kind Adelante Benefit playlist here.

With the photo wall and after parties – it sure felt like we were together! Check out a few of the celebrations and connections during the Benefit.

Adelante Benefit Photo and Chat Wall 

¡Felices fiestas! – Ed Cazier
Connecting from Chile! Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere! – Kerry Dudman
Guayabera ready- greetings from Merida, Yucatan! Matteo Travers, PD Yucatan 2018
Happy Adelante from Cat McKay and Jennifer Langdon!!
Happy to be dialing in from Tepoztlan, Mexico! A quintessential Mexican village in Morelos. 36 years after my first Amigos summer, I’ve been living my Amigos dream in Mexico for the last 4 years. – Dorn Wenninger


Hi all! Not in our gala gear but tuning in from the crater of a volcano in Nicaragua! – Vanessa Fiedler


Mary Stelletello

Leading through disruption, that is AMIGOS, yes Sara!!


Becca Wing-Moreno

So exciting to see AMIGOS staying strong and showing resilience! Thank you for leading us through this, Sara!


Ana Aguilera

Go Sara and all the wonderful Amigxs 🙂


Sierra Hawthorne

Agreed – this has been quite the challenging year, and it’s wonderful to see the team leading with resilience and a spirit of adventure for whatever comes next.


Angie Graves

This new program is the coolest thing.


Marta Ascherio

Speakers are so great 🙂 nice job everyone ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Krisa Van Meurs

Fun to hear about the new virtual projects, impressive!!


Matt Brauer

I’m truly amazed at this generation–their world is upside down and there is no complaining, just a willingness to step up and make it work. The world needs these young adults now, more than ever.


Edward Cazier

Con lideres como tú, Bryan se puede lograr hasta lo imposible.


David Baron

👍👍👍How super inspiring!!!!


Barbara Wille

Love feeling connected to this amazing organization and community, and full of admiration for the way that Amigos is moving forward to meet the challenges of our time. Warm greetings to longtime Amigos friends! ❤️


Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons

It’s always inspiring to hear what AMIGOS are up to today!


John Wempe

Incredible speech by my guy Josh Fryday! What a magical summer that was for us in Placer Bonito!


Ellen Curran

I hosted 2 boys from Paraguay and Uruguay for youth Ambassador Program. It was a wonderful experience and we are still in touch!



Stacy & Doug Alexander
Kate Janeway & Howard Wright
Dominique Schulenburg & Dorn Wenninger
Kirsten Tobey & Ben Saenz

Host Committee

Jill & Jason Assir
David Baron & Pamela Mann
Peter & Margie Benziger
Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman & Jay Nyman
Jennifer Brodsky & Kuman Dandpani
The Cazier Family
Mia Cooper
Ellen & Crane Curran
Leslie Eme
Stephanie Falkenstein & Subir Kumedan
Kristin Fischer
Angie & James Graves
Mike Gridley
Sarah & Andrew Heck
Andrew Howick & Mary Stelletello
Kristin Kaper
Russell Langsam & Anne Sherman
Catherine McKay
Scott & Cathi Roberts
Lisa & Milt Roney
Steve & Lisa Schafer
Steve & Susana Sharpe
Virginia Smith
Matthew Travers



Doug & Stacy Alexander
Geof & Anne Barker
Patricia & Ben Grad
Kate Janeway & Howard Wright
Paul Reidy & Jennifer Wuamett


Anne Morriss & Frances Frei
Virginia Smith


Amegy Bank
Jennifer Brodsky & Kumar Dandapani
Ellen & Crane Curran
Stephanie Falkenstein & Subir Kumedan
Wade & Donna Lamson
Lisa & Milt Roney
Steve & Lisa Schafer
Steve & Susana Sharpe


Tanja & Paul-Henri Chevalier


Alumni Voices Through the Arts Virtual Gallery

Explore what action means to alumni through the Alumni Voices Through the Arts Virtual Gallery.

Step into the gallery here!


Alumni Fundraising Challenge

A group of alumni pulled together to raised more than $6,000 for our programs and students. Thank you to our alumni fundraisers and to Paul Reidy (’77, ’78, ’79) for matching all donations up to $5,000!

Alumni can make an impact for AMIGOS and fundraise at any time throughout the year – to celebrate a birthday or other life milestone, or just for their love of AMIGOS! Learn how here.


Storytelling Series

Listen to amazing intergenerational interviews and stories about AMIGOS in a StoryCorps platform and more. Discover shared experiences across generations. 

Find out more! 


Service Project Pitch Showcase

This summer, AMIGOS launched our first-ever virtual programs. See some of the service projects students are implementing in their communities!