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We have made it to the end of the week as participants spend their fifth day in community. Yesterday was a Sunday Funday as many say and participants had an amazing get-together opportunity. All the participants reunited early in the morning at El Barrero, a beautiful community near Penonome. Many were already missing the friends they made at Isla Canhas. Everyone was excited to go on the hike which promised good exercise and astonishing views.

Though it was early in the morning, great weather helped keep participants as excited about the hike. They started walking uphill for an unforgettable experience. With views of nature at its best all around them, they made their way to the top of the hill.

They all knew that what was waiting for them after the hike would leave them speechless. One charming surprise was the presence of local youth who joined our participants on the hike and showed them the way. Participants practiced their Spanish when they interacted with the local youth who wanted to know everything about them. It was great to see how our participants came out of their shells and talked to each other.

After a little while, participants made it to the top to enjoy the view. They were amazed by the views of the valley and the chain of mountains. They took a group photo and hung out in the nature before they headed back to find a little surprise.

It was our participant Javier and mentor Courtney’s birthday and everyone including local youth, participants, and staff members prepared a little surprise for them. Here you can see the little notes and the birthday cake the whole team gave them. Happy Birthday!

In the afternoon a big rain left behind a beautiful rainbow that tied up yet another incredible and unforgettable day for everyone in Discover AMIGOS!

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