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Jéssica María Viales López is the Project Director for Discover AMIGOS A and B this summer in Panama. She is ready for the summer to start and looking forward to meeting all of the participants! Here, Jéssica introduces herself to everyone involved with the Discover A and B projects.

I am originally from San José, Costa Rica, where I have lived and studied for most of my life. I hold degrees in International Relations and International Business from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and ULACIT. In January 2018, I obtained a Masters degree in International Peace Studies from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace. This is a field that I’ve been passionate about since a very young age.

I have been involved with local NGOs since 2011, volunteering and participating in environmental causes. I have also participated in community development programs for youth and the elderly in different areas of Costa Rica. Before joining AMIGOS as a Project Director in Panama, I was collaborating with an international NGO called the Peace Crane Project, which focused on peace education at a global level.

Past professional experiences have also allowed me to acquire knowledge in various fields such as banking, finance, education, peace, and development. After a working as a teacher at the European School for three years, I also know all the rewards and joys that working with children and youth bring.

I’m really looking forward to expanding my experience and knowledge in the field of development, working in Coclé with the Discover AMIGOS program, learning and growing within the Panamanian culture, and helping young students find their path to become resourceful leaders for our future.

See you soon!


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