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Hi everyone! We’re getting everything ready for your arrival to Ecuador, and we can’t get enough of the amazing views of the mountains. Our project site has the best of everything, breathtaking views, the gorgeous sunsets over the mountains, blue skies and incredible food. Our activities will take place around sustainable agriculture and the importance of food sovereignty, as well as the intersection of agriculture and environmental preservation with indigenous rights, culture and tradition.

Granja Learnaya is led by Fanny, a local Cuencana who has built an organic farm, and inherited a longstanding tradition from her family. Taking care of sheep, chicken and dairy cows is part of the daily routine, as well as growing organic vegetables which we’ll get to enjoy on a daily basis!



We’ll then travel to indigenous Cañari land, and meet the community surrounding Kinti Wasi. Traditional folk music, dances and cuisine are things they are eager to show us. A surprise also awaits us, as you discover an ancient and sacred site hidden between the mountains…