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Just like that, another week in community has gone by! This week was a rewarding one for both volunteers and project staff, as many micro-projects started this week. The micro-projects include a native plant garden, a small museum, fixing up a bike trail, indigenous cultural wall murals, and a dance presentation to raise money for a community’s water committee. Micro-project plans were submitted, and many communities are now in the thick of work on their projects. The volunteers continue to engage with local youth and community members while working on their micro-projects, all the while improving their Spanish!

On Kate’s route this week, the volunteers in Sisid had the opportunity to visit the Laguna Culebrillas, a beautiful lake ringed by mountains half an hour north of their home. In Caguanapamba, the volunteers went to El Tambo, a neighboring town, to watch local youth compete in a regional soccer tournament. In Bacpancel, the volunteers continue to learn about weaving, including the famous Paja Toquilla, or Panama Hat. In Oña Centro (Kate’s route), Rodeo, Morasloma, Susudel (Karsen’s route), and Cuzcudoma (Lucia’s route), the volunteers and community celebrated high school graduation at the Municipio de Oña in Oña Centro, which serves as the seat of the Cantón de Oña. It was a lovely celebration, with many host siblings graduating and dancing late into the night.

With only a week and a half left in community, volunteers, staff, and community members are continuing to work on their service projects and daily activities for local youth, as well as dedicating themselves to make memories and engaging with the world around them.

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