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Greetings from supervisor Hannah’s route! Volunteers are enjoying their last week in community, and are seeing their community based initiatives come together. Many are working hard on their bucket lists and trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible!

In Atapo Culebrillas, Elise and Wenzhao are working on creating a community bank led by a team of local youth! In their last week they are excited to spend more time with their host family and cook them an American meal.

Ethan and Lucas rolled into the weekend with a soccer tournament in Atapo Quilloturo where they competed against neighboring communities. Their community initiative is also a community bank, which is being expanded from previous years.

Atapo Quichalan will soon receive a truckload of bees! Maya and Sadie’s community is creating a communal bee hive which will be used to create and sell a variety of honey products. Maya and Sadie hike up and down the beautiful mountains of Quichalan each day enjoying great views and rainbows.

Danil, Allison and Sierra are in Sarachupa where they will plant crops to feed the cuy (guinea pigs) that are multiplying from last year’s AMIGOS project in Sarachupa! They enjoy dancing at church, taking walks to the river, and are working on having a fundraiser during their last week in community.

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