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Dorn Wenninger Runs for AMIGOS

7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days


AMIGOS alumni do some pretty incredible things.

Five-time alum Dorn Wenninger is getting ready to run a marathon in Antarctica. Then run another marathon the following day in South Africa. Then another in Austraila. And that’s just the beginning; he’ll be running 4 more consecutive marathons in Dubai, Portugal, Colombia, and the US!

Through it all, Dorn is raising money for AMIGOS. So far, donors from 37 different countries have made a contribution to AMIGOS through Dorn’s efforts.

According to Dorn, “I’m running around the world, literally, to bring awareness for all the values that AMIGOS represents, and am fortunate and grateful to AMIGOS for being the foundation of the person that I am today.”


Building latrines in Santa Juana, MX, 1984.


Dorn’s first AMIGOS summer was actually the first time he had ever traveled outside the US. Of that first summer in the community of Santa Juana in Michoacan, Mexico, Dorn says, “Santa Juana would have a much larger impact on me, than I could have possibly had on it.” I’m sure many AMIGOS alums can relate!

After participating in AMIGOS twice, Dorn served on Project Leadership, and was the Training Director for the Ohio Chapter. Most recently, he served on the AMIGOS board and as a trustee for the Foundation for AMIGOS.

Dorn hopes to join the ranks of 57 people in the history of the world who have completed the World Marathon Challenge. The first race in Antarctica is scheduled for January 30th. You can follow Dorn’s training and see updates from the races on his Instagram and Facebook.

We’ll share updates from Dorn as he runs around the world spreading his message and fundraising for AMIGOS!

To join the effort, click here to visit Dorn’s fundraising page and make a contribution.

Dorn’s first race, 1980.
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