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One of our Community Impact Project volunteers, Noura, shares about her experience exploring a new version of community and designing a service project to make her own impact! Learn more about the Community Impact Project here.

Noura sharing a meal with her cohort.

Name: Noura M.

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Why did you decide to join the Community Impact Project?

I saw this as an invaluable opportunity to act in contribution to my community during a time of difficulty and hurt for many people. AMIGOS also supports ethical service which I wanted to consider when helping my community.

What have been your favorite moments or projects so far? Why? 

My favorite moments have all been with the people I’ve met. Whether that is my one-on-one with my amazing mentor Johnny or doing a cooking challenge with those in my cohort, it has been great.

What is the virtual community like? How is the language learning part?

The virtual community is quite interesting; we get to interact in ways that are outside of the norm! Also, I love the opportunity to get to know and meet people that geographic barriers would have impeded, and our cohort is growing closer and more collaborative each day.

Language learning has been largely conversational, from conversations about food to interesting academic topics, which I believe is one of the most important parts of growing fluency.


“I love the opportunity to get to know and meet people that geographic barriers would have impeded.”


What is the service project you’re designing?

I am designing a project in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter community where I live; I hope to build a website in which BLM leaders and organizations in my area can collectively share information about resources and events in a unified space.

How are you planning to use what you’re learning after the six weeks is over?

What I will learn and what I am learning in this program will serve me for the rest of my life. Gaining the insight and skills to be a contributing member of society, developing projects to help those around me, and growing in leadership will support me in helping others and making a change wherever I go in life.



Thank you Noura for sharing your experience! Learn more about our Community Impact Project here.

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