Have a group that's looking for a custom online program? Join this initiative to connect with other students, design positive service projects, and support your community.

Community Impact Project

In 1965, AMIGOS launched a movement of young people committed to sharing responsibility for our global community.

The AMIGOS Community Impact Project gives you the chance to join this movement from home at a time when global connection and local action are more important than ever. This innovative initiative enables you to channel your energy into working with other young leaders across the U.S. and Latin America. You’ll create projects that address our most pressing issues during this global crisis and you’ll build a network of like-minded individuals committed to creating positive change.

Youth have enormous power to shape our response to the challenges of this pandemic and beyond. Position yourself to lead by starting dialogues, cultivating virtual communities, and considering creative and innovative ways to engage with one another. Harness your inspiration to support those in need during this pandemic and construct a more inclusive and open world after it subsides.

The Community Impact Project creates connections through online modules, virtual meet ups, and mentorship by a member of the AMIGOS network.

Take the time to explore how you define community and address issues you’re passionate about. You will leave this program with a tangible service project design and a portfolio of your work to showcase on your resume, not to mention a new community that bridges borders.

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What You'll Do

Take action in your own community! Connect with globally-minded students around the Americas while you figure out how to address needs in your own community. Design and implement ethical, meaningful service projects shaped through cross-cultural collaboration.


What to Expect

  • Groups of students from the U.S. and Latin America
  • Seven week session, approximately 12 hours per week
  • Small group collaboration and live discussions
  • One-on-one meetings with your mentor


What You’ll Get

  • Do something fun and connect with other students in the U.S. and Latin America!
  • Explore social impact and entrepreneurship, focusing on issues you care about
  • Earn 20+ service hours while you design your own individual project that supports your local community
  • Practice Spanish through fun activities with your cohort
  • One-on-one mentorship with an experienced member of the AMIGOS network
  • Receive a Leadership Certificate when you complete the program
  • Build a network of friends committed to sharing responsibility for our global community
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Alumni report:
97% high level satisfaction with program experience
95% would recommend to a friend

In Focus: Service Project Design Thinking


Identify communities you are a part of. Which community do you want to design your project for? Communities can be many things: a club at your school, your block, your class, your neighborhood, your city…the list goes on! Consider the issue you want to address in your community.


Research the causes of the issue you are focusing on. What is your vision for the future of your community? How will your service project help make this happen?


Find out what resources you already have and where you might need extra support. Research resources that already exist in your community that could support your project. Create goals around your service project.


Design a sample project that you can test in a short time frame. Come up with an action plan for testing your prototype.


Put your prototype into action! This is your first chance to see how your project might work. Reflect and adjust your project as needed. Create a final pitch for your project based on what you learned during the testing phase.


Pitch your project to an AMIGOS panel! Get feedback and advice for carrying your project forward.


Is the service project done individually or with a group?

Individually. This program will equip you to design a project that meets the needs of your community. Throughout the program, you’ll collaborate and give and receive feedback from your cohort, but your service project is yours to create!


Do we implement our service project during the program or after?

After. This program gives you the tools to understand needs and gaps in your community. You will design and test (but not complete) your project during the course of the program. During the final week, you will present your project pitch to members of the AMIGOS community. It is our goal that you will be ready to implement your project once the program ends, though we understand that due to the impacts of COVID-19, not everyone will be able to implement their project right away.


What are some examples of service projects?

Your service project is completely up to you! That said, here are some project ideas:

  • Teach sign language and the history of the deaf community in your hometown via Instagram
  • Organize a group to deliver food and supplies to elderly and/or medically vulnerable people in your neighborhood
  • Create an online tutoring system for students in your area


How do I join this program?

The Community Impact Project is only available as a custom program. If you are part of a group that wants to join this program or if you are a group leader looking for a virtual service program, please contact us at [email protected].


Week 1: Know Yourself

Virtual orientation! Meet the students in your cohort–they are your new virtual community! Learn to define and share about your culture and identity. Gain insight into your leadership style and lean in to your strengths. Take part in the first language cafe!

Week 2: Your Community & Your Role Within it

Choose how you define your community. Dive into design thinking to uncover the needs that will inform your individual service project. Meet up with your cohort and get a literal glimpse of their lives through a virtual home tour. Chat with your mentor one-on-one to begin framing your project.

Week 3: Understanding the Needs and Assets of Your Community

Dig into your passions through vision boarding to underline the purpose behind your service project. What are the root causes of the issue you want to address? Watch a short film with your group and discuss how stereotypes can impact our lives. Meet up in the Llama Lounge to hear from a guest speaker. Get ready to laugh: this week’s language cafe is all about our favorite chistes!

Week 4: Building Your Project Idea 

What organizations are working on issues related to your project? Find out what groups in your community and around the world are doing. Use these insights to inform your project design and make sure you’re not duplicating efforts. Collaborate with your cohort to strengthen and finalize your project idea and get ready to develop a prototype!

Week 5: Modeling Your Prototype

Test out your project on a small scale through prototype design! Work on your elevator pitch by uploading a video to TikTok. Take part in a virtual cook off: challenge your cohort to find out who the top chef is! Deconstruct biases through a discussion board on our preconceived notions. What’s on your cohort’s fall soundtrack? Find out when you collaborate on a shared playlist.

Week 6: Prototype Testing and Evaluation

Prepare to pitch your project to members of the AMIGOS community. Learn a new dance from a different culture and show us your moves! Discuss how learning from failure can make you more successful. Grab the popcorn for a cross-cultural movie watching party. Share your leadership journey with a video montage.

Week 7: Share Your Vision

The big moment is here! Pitch your service project to a hand-picked panel of special guests. Meet up with your cohort and mentor to discuss your next steps. Evaluate the progress you’ve made toward your personal goals over the last six weeks. Join a virtual celebration before your session comes to a close!

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