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Chelsea and Elizabeth: 10+ Years of AMIGOS Friendship



Chelsea Till did AMIGOS in Ecuador back in 2011. As happens with most students, she arrived at the airport with a mix of excitement and nervousness…Little did she know that she was about to meet one of her best friends – Elizabeth – who would become her travel companion through adventures around the world…for more than a decade to come.

Their first AMIGOS summer in Ecuador was only the beginning. They both kept coming back and participating in further AMIGOS projects together, evolving from summers as volunteers to amazing project supervisors.

At the end of every AMIGOS summer though, they would have to part ways again. They would have to say goodbye to each other, their friends, the volunteers, and their lively and warm Latin American communities.



Even though Elizabeth went to university in Scotland and Chelsea in the U.S., they still managed to stay close. Over 10 years of friendship later, they share such fascinating and extraordinary stories: they have climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania together, visited the Galápagos Islands, Elizabeth flew to Dallas for less than 24 hours just to be present at Chelsea’s law school graduation – and they even ran an ultra-marathon in the desert to celebrate their decade of AMIGOS friendship.

Chelsea and Elizabeth have even gone back to visit their very first Ecuadorian host family. Their “little” host sister is now a lawyer. And her dream? To visit the U.S. Supreme Court someday…

Chelsea and Elizabeth are working to make this travel wish a reality, and reunite with their 2011 host sister once again….hopefully, someday, walking towards the Supreme Court together and chatting through the streets of D.C., which is where Elizabeth lives today.

“I think I speak for both of us when I say we’re both extremely grateful to AMIGOS…I’ll also forever be grateful for my adventure buddy and best friend.”



Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing such beautiful stories and photos with us!

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