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In 2018, AMIGOS founded the Guy Bevil Legacy Society, named after the founder of AMIGOS, Guy Bevil.

Guy Bevil

The purpose of the Guy Bevil Legacy Society is to honor and unite legacy donors for their commitments to AMIGOS and our future. Legacy giving is a momentous personal step for members of our donor communityTo leave AMIGOS a legacy gift is to include us in one’s will and estate plans and, henceone’s legacy to this world.  

Marvin Trotter, an AMIGOS alumnus and monthly donor, is a founding member of the Guy Bevil Legacy Society. He is also an advocate of “blended giving, which is charitable giving that combines current gifts and legacy gifts. Donors like Marvin create blended gifts to faciliate the impact from their donations in the present and the future.  

Marvin shares his donor story with AMIGOS and why legacy giving is so important for nonprofits like AMIGOS in the long term.    


Marvin Trotter, AMIGOS Alumnus and Current Legacy Donor


My life changed when Guy Bevil spoke at my church when I was 15. I went on survey with him the next spring and to Guatemala in ’68, ’69, and ’70, Honduras in ’71, and Paraguay in ’72.  

AMIGOS changed my view of the world by making me a better person with more compassion, empathy, and a desire to do for others. 

At the beginning of my career, I wanted to help my community by building a much-needed recreation center. Guy Bevil and AMIGOS taught me to have a vision and stick with it! With the help of many others, we raised $9 million and built a 20,000 sq. ft. Center. 

I joined the Guy Bevil Legacy Society by committing to a $50,000 legacy gift. My donation will contribute to the future of AMIGOS volunteers and communities throughout Latin America.  

When you make a legacy gift to AMIGOS, you are throwing rocks in a pond that causes multiple ripples.


Thank you, Marvin, for your dedication to AMIGOS and for helping us actualize our collective vision for young people who are life-long catalysts for social change. 


Are you ready to share your legacy with AMIGOS?
Contact Sam Waters at [email protected] for more information on AMIGOS legacy giving and the Guy Bevil Legacy Society!  

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