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Participants have arrived for their summer in Barranquilla!

The first participants of the summer have arrived in the field! Barranquilla, Colombia Project Director Matteo has been looking forward to this moment for a long time. He met with community partners, staff, and host families in order to make this another incredible summer for AMIGOS participants!

Matteo has been working in Barranquilla, preparing for participants to arrive. He shared some of his experiences with us below!

“In addition to having an open culture and friendly people, Barranquilla serves as our project city where AMIGOS summer participants will soon be arriving. Barranquilla Community

Our supervisors have lots of energy and ideas! In order to prepare them for their important work this summer, we discussed how we can best support the participants, as well as how to work on an intercultural team.

We also met with national supervisors, who are an integral part of our powerful team. We partnered with them to organize training for host families in Barranquilla. After reviewing the rules of conduct and clarifying the few questions they had, host families are thrilled to welcome the new additions to their households.

We ended the week with a visit to a friendly beach town, the site of our global health internship. In this community, the participants will be supporting activities in the Home of the Disabled.

Above all, it is important to thank our partner agencies and youth leaders who have given us so much support and passion for our fifth year in Colombia. Without their collaboration, this summer would never be possible. Thank you very much!”

We are looking forward to another meaningful summer. Find out more about our Barranquilla, Colombia program. AMIGOS offers volunteer programs for high school through college students. Learn more here!

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