Remembering Joe Crownover

The AMIGOS community has been saddened to learn the news of the passing of long-time AMIGOS leader, Joe Crownover, on August 5, 2021. Joe’s service to AMIGOS over the past three decades as a volunteer, Project (Field) Staff team member, the Latin American Programs Director, a Chapter Leader, and most important of all, as an AMIGOS parent, has shaped AMIGOS into the organization we are today. He is an inspiration to so many in our community.

In recognition of his service to the organization, Joe was the recipient of the 2021 Philip C. Johnson Alumni Service Award. This award is given to an outstanding alumnus each year who has demonstrated immense leadership and service to the organization. 

Joe’s loving parents, Jim and Genie Crownover, are honoring Joe’s legacy and love for AMIGOS with an inaugural gift of $2,500. Join them in remembering Joe by making a donation today.