Thanks for your interest in AMIGOS programs. We set up our online information sessions so you can join from ANYWHERE to learn about our programs. To see if there are any local info sessions in your area, please visit the page for your local chapter. Information sessions are a great and important way for you to learn about our volunteer programs, health and safety requirements, and timeline – whether you are thinking about our Summer or Gap programs. Each session is a live online presentation with families from all over listening in to learn more.

At each Informational Session you will hear from a recent alum and we will review everything you need to know about being an AMIGOS participant, including:

  • Participation requirements
  • What’s it like being an AMIGOS participant
  • What to expect in Latin America
  • Program costs
  • Health & Safety
  • Training & Preparation
  • Application process and key deadlines

We recommend all prospective participants attend an informational session with at least one parent or guardian if 18 years or under.



Gap Information Sessions
(4 to 8 month internships for high school graduates)

Check back in 2018 for more gap info sessions!

Summer Information Sessions
(2 week Discover AMIGOS for 13 – 15 years old AND 4 to 9 week programs for 15 – 22 year old participants)

  • Wednesday, January 24th at 7 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Tuesday, February 13th at 6 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Tuesday, February 20th at 7 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Thursday, March 8th at 9 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Tuesday, March 20th at 7 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Parent Q&A: Monday, April 2nd at 9 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Wednesday, April 4th at 6 PM Central – RSVP here!
  • Sunday, April 15th at 7 PM Central – RSVP here!

Do you live near a local chapter? Check their website for in-person events and information sessions.



Summer 2018

  • Some local chapters are still accepting applicants!
  • Apply to the National Office by April 15, 2018

Gap Year 2018-19 or Fall 2018 Semester

  • Final Deadline for Fall/Full Year 2018: July 15, 2018


EVENTS: Come meet us in person!

AMIGOS Headquarters and Regional Offices are in Houston, TX, Washington DC, and Oakland, CA. Plus, we have local chapters in 25 different cities and travel around the country for events!

Upcoming Events:


Still Have Questions?

Taylor Martin
Regional Outreach Manager


Get Inspired

“These summers combined changed the way I want to experience the world and helped me refine my beliefs. It made me think critically and thoughtfully about what I am doing and the impact I am having on others and the world around me, in and outside of the United States.”

-Danielle Vercelli, 2015 Dominican Republic, 2016 Paraguay

“Overall, I would say that my experience living and volunteering in Nicaragua with Amigos was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I can tell you with utmost honestly, those three months presented some of the most beautiful, challenging, and spontaneous moments in my life.”

-Lauren Ng, Fall Gap Participant 2015

“After being in the Dominican Republic I learned a ton and I’m very grateful for that. But what I’m really most grateful for, was that no matter how tough the language barrier was, all the community members were 100% supportive of our community project, but also of who we were as people. We always found ways to connect with each other laugh and enjoy the simple things in life. Even with all the cultural differences. The level of generosity and genuine care that they give each other is so powerful and riveting; it’s something I’ve never witnessed before.”

-Alex Copeland, 2016 Dominican Republic