Sara Lamson Nathan

President & CEO

Houston, TX

Faraz Paliwala

Chief Financial Officer

Houston, TX

Jenny Claycombe

Managing Director of Development

Houston, TX

Katherine Conway

Managing Director of Programs

Denver, CO

April Hearne

Managing Director of Operations


Alex Murillo

Managing Director of Enrollment

Oakland, CA

Caroline Patel

Managing Director of Chapter Operations

Austin, TX

Lauren Antosz

Chapter Operations Manager

Chicago, IL

Kayla Bilger

Fund Development Special Projects Associate

Houston, TX

Elizabeth Bonilla

Administrative Assistant

Houston, TX

Annie Borgeson

Admissions Manager

Charlottesville, VA

Krista Boscoe

Senior Director of Enrollment

San Francisco, CA

Ashley Bryant

Program Coordinator

Denver, CO

Nicol Chinchilla

Country Coordinator

San Isidro, Costa Rica

Michael Cook

Senior Program Coordinator

Madison, WI

Sebastián Cruz

Youth Ambassadors Program Coordinator

Cali, Colombia

Pablo Davila

Program Coordinator

Quito, Ecuador

Camila De Mendoza

Senior Youth Ambassadors Program Coordinator

Bogota, Colombia

Charlotte Doughty

Bay Area Outreach Coordinator

Bay Area, CA

Jacque Perna Fuller

Data Manager

Houston, TX

Abbie Gittinger


Houston, TX

Laura Gomez Quintero

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Houston, TX

Allison Gordon

Human Resources and Administration Manager

Houston, TX

Zyro Honty

Training Manager

Montevideo, Uruguay

Andrianna Johnson

Donor Research and Database Specialist

Houston, TX

Danya Kachkou

Admissions Officer

Houston, TX

Jordan Kelsey

Program Manager

Austin, TX

Taylor Martin Phillips

Board and Policy Manager, Office of the CEO

Napa, CA

Danielle Mulack

Senior Manager of National Outreach & Partnerships

San Diego, CA

David W. McKay

IT Systems Manager

Houston, TX

Jocelyn Ortuno

AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni Engagement Associate

Houston, TX

Florencia Renart

Youth Ambassadors Program Coordinator

Montevideo, Uruguay

Nadine Snyder

AmeriCorps VISTA Outreach Associate

Bay Area, CA

Elizabeth Spruell

Director of Health and Safety

Houston, TX

Sam Waters

Donor Relations Manager

Houston, TX

Lily Young

Marketing Director

Houston, TX