Announcing the 2018 Alumni Award

Each year, AMIGOS presents awards to deserving alumni who wish to participate in another summer with AMIGOS. Candidates must exemplify our mission and program values of developing global leaders committed to service. Additionally, they must participate through the Summer Program. Check out the guidelines to apply below and reach out with any questions!

Please complete the application and additional questionnaire by midnight PST on December 10th

Guidelines to Apply

  1. Fill out an AMIGOS online application for the Summer Program
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Email Katie Hulting with:
    1. Completed essay questions – Due December 10th
    2. Documentation of the Leadership Activity – Due December 10th

*If you are selected, a reflection activity must be submitted to AMIGOS that can either be in photo, video or written format. Additional details forthcoming.

Additional Questionnaire – DUE December 10th

  • What was the main thing you learned from your first AMIGOS summer? (250 words max)
  • What are your motivations to return to AMIGOS for another summer? (250 words max)
  • How do you think your Amigos experiences will contribute to your future goals? Both educational and community engagement or service. (250 words max)
  • Why should you be selected as an AMIGOS Alumni award recipient? (500 words max)

Leadership Activity


The Leadership Activity asks that you complete at least one outreach activity with your community – on your college campus, at a local high school, or to other community groups that may be interested in AMIGOS. The goal is to share your AMIGOS story and discuss how it is supporting your goals of becoming a global leader dedicated to service. Please contact Katie for outreach materials. Once you receive your materials and complete your activity, submit a photograph as well as contact information of interested students via email with your essays.

Key Dates

  • September 15th: Applications Open
  • December 10th: Applications Due
  • December 18th: Awards Announced

Activity Ideas

  • Talk to your Spanish/Service/Student Council/Club about doing a presentation about your AMIGOS experience
  • Talk to your Spanish teacher about sharing the AMIGOS video in class
  • Host a get together with your friends who take Spanish to talk about the opportunity
  • Involved in activities outside of school? Talk to those groups!
  • Lunch time is a great time to share flyers about AMIGOS
  • If you are in college, present on campus with a tabling opportunity or in a class
  • Table at a summer opportunities event at your school!
  • Share the program on the school announcements page and host an after school info session for your friends and their parents
  • Something else you think would get the word out!

Please contact Katie Hulting, Admissions Manager, with any questions or for activity materials (flyers, video links, etc.).

*Our standard refund policy applies.

**Awards will be applied towards the recipients’ program fees.