AMIGOS program fees are all-inclusive. They include airfare, dedicated travel support, comprehensive training, all food and housing, and access to our 24-hour On-Call Safety Management System. As a nonprofit organization, your fees also support community development projects and leadership training for local youth in communities across Latin America.

To join our Summer Program, families choose between joining a local chapter or the National Chapter. You can learn more about these options here.

Due to group fundraising, local chapters offer lower program fees and some chapters may offer additional local discounts. Local chapter fees cover in-person training and support before, during, and after the Summer Program. For volunteers who don’t live near a local chapter, or have prior commitments throughout the spring, the National Chapter offers an intensive four-day group training workshop and individualized fundraising support. All costs related to this training are covered by the program fee.


Program Fees

Program OptionLocal ChaptersNational Chapter
Summer Program
2 weeks-$3,750
4-8 weeks$4,250 + group fundraising$6,350
Gap Program
Semester-$13,950 (Ecuador) / $14,450 (Uruguay)
Year-$26,900 (Ecuador) / $27,900 (Uruguay)

*An application fee of $50 is required upon submission of any AMIGOS Summer Program application and reserves your spot even if you have yet to be formally accepted into the program.

For the National Chapter, a program deposit is required to advance to the interview. This deposit is paid after the interview for gap applicants. Deposits can be refunded within 30 days if you chose not to do the program.

Interested in joining a local chapter?

Due to group fundraising, local chapters offer lower program fees. Click below to get more information about chapters and to find one near you.

What do my program fees include?

Before you leave

Your fee includes your round-trip international airfare and the costs of all pre-departure training, events, and materials provided to prepare you for your program.

Once you land

All on-site training and orientation, food, lodging and transportation costs, full time program staff, 24-hour On-Call Safety Team, global travel medical insurance, and program excursions are included.


You’ll receive credit for service hours, an individual evaluation of your personal performance and growth, as well as access to the AMIGOS alumni network, opportunities in your local chapter and beyond. 

What is NOT included in the program fee?

  • Required immunizations and medical examinations
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Personal equipment (i.e. mosquito net, backpack, clothing)
  • Discretionary purchases in Latin America (i.e. souvenirs, food outside of meal plan)
  • The Discover AMIGOS Program fee does not include unaccompanied minor fees as set by each airline provider for volunteers considered unaccompanied per the airline’s policy. Volunteers under 15 at the time of travel are considered unaccompanied minors. Families will be responsible for paying this fee directly to the airline upon check in.

Is there an application fee?

  • An application fee of $50 is required upon submission of any Summer Program application and is what holds your spot on the project even if you have yet to be formally accepted into the program.
  • For the National Chapter, a program deposit is required to advance to the interview for Summer Program applicants. This deposit is paid after the interview for gap applicants. Deposits can be refunded if requested within 30 days if you chose not to do the program.

Do you offer payment plans?

AMIGOS offers flexible payment plans. If you are unable to pay the program fee all at once, that’s okay! We make sure our volunteers can pay for their experience on their own schedule, as long as the full payment is received by the final payment date and before travelAll local chapters have a scheduled payment plan for families that will be communicated at the interview or welcome meeting. 

What is your refund policy?

We hope you never change your mind, but we do offer refunds in certain cases.

National Chapter

The deposit is refundable if requested within 30 days of payment. You can be issued a partial refund for payments made after the deposit. If you can’t join us due to documented health concerns, you also can choose to hold over your funds to use the next year. Please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@amigosinternational.org for more details.

Local Chapters

Please contact your local chapter to learn more about their refund policies  

Why is the chapter fee different?

The chapter fee is different because the local chapter program supports each participant in required group fundraising activities that lower the program fees for local families 

National Chapter volunteers may fundraise as individuals to offset their program fee. AMIGOS staff provide support, tips, and a peer-to-peer donation platform for volunteers to use.

Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising is a key part of making an AMIGOS experience possible and an opportunity to begin building key skills you will need for success during your time abroad. We offer guided support to help you succeed.

Whether you are fundraising as a group with your local chapter or creating your own individual online fundraising page, we have the resources for you! Please email admissions@amigosinternational.org to be sent a fundraising guide.

How can I fundraise toward my fees?

  • AMIGOS offers a fundraising webinar and an online fundraising platform for students interested in participating in individual fundraising through the National Chapter.
  • In the local chapters, participants fundraise as a group with the support of the chapter. This allows chapter participants to pay a lower fee for participating in AMIGOS summer programs. The AMIGOS chapters believe in student-led fundraising because:
    • Fundraising builds leadership skills that empower youth, and
    • Fundraising lifts the financial burden off of families.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Donations made to local chapter volunteers are tax-deductible since they are participating in group fundraising and all contributions go directly to the chapter. Contributions made to National Chapter volunteers are not tax-deductible per IRS regulations since they are tied to a specific individual and not the organization as a whole.  

Financial Aid

We are committed to making our programs accessible to anyone who wants to join. We offer need and merit-based financial assistance as well as additional local chapter discounts.

We work closely with each family to understand financial need before determining financial aid packages. Depending on your program, these options are available:

Summer Program

Local Chapter: visit your local chapter website for information on their financial aid opportunities and possible local discounts.

National Chapter: Packages of $500- $2,000.

Gap Program

Packages of $1,000-5,000 are available. Get a $500 discount off your program fee if you apply by the early bird deadline, March 5, 2019.

How do I apply for financial aid?

In the online application, there is an option for you to state whether or not you’d like to apply for financial aid.

Local chapters determine their own financial aid processes, so to find out how financial aid works at your local chapter and how to apply, please join an information night at your local chapter. Find your local chapter here.

For questions about National Chapter financial aid, please contact our Admissions team directly at admissions@amigosinternational.org. 

When do I learn if I received financial aid?

National Chapter: Decisions are made on a rolling basis for Summer Immersion, Discover AMIGOS and Gap for the National Chapter. After applying, applicants will be notified of the status of their financial aid application within 2 weeks.

Local Chapter: Financial aid announcements vary. Please visit your local chapter webpage to learn more. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about financial aid?

Please contact our Admissions team at admissions@amigosinternational.org.


Alumni Discount Program

Each year, numerous Amigos come back for another program through our leadership ladder. An alumni experience in AMIGOS builds even more leadership skills and offers another opportunity to learn about an entirely new place and culture while improving Spanish skills.

Through the Alumni Discount Program, alumni receive $500 off any subsequent Summer Program and $1,000 off for our Gap Program.

AMIGOS Alumni Awards

Each year, AMIGOS gives out awards to exceptional alumni leaders to participate for a second summer. Awards range from $1,500- $3,000. Apply for the Alumni Award here!

AMIGOS Young Leaders Award

These awards are provided by the generosity of two donors who wish to expand the accessibility of AMIGOS to more students from across Americas. This year, ten awards of $2,000 and five awards of $1,000 will be awarded to Summer Program volunteers from the Chapter network. Access the Young Leaders Award Application here!

Grants & Travel Award Options

We are proud to partner with The Society of Torch & Laurel and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. All members of this honor society receive a $500 discount towards AMIGOS programs. Members are also uniquely eligible to apply for the AMIGOS Scholars Gap Award worth $2,000. Make sure you mention your membership when asked how you heard about AMIGOS.

AMIGOS volunteers have received outside funding and grants from numerous organizations. We recommend All People Be HappyGo Overseas Scholarships, and looking into what options are available at your school or educational institution.

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