La Carta

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Alumni Spotlight: Cutter Dawes

Cutter Dawes is an AMIGOS alum from the Marin Chapter in California. After completing the Chimborazo, Ecuador project in 2017, Cutter continued his volunteer work…

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The Importance of Immersion: An Interview with Rachael Cohen


Rachael Cohen, an AMIGOS alum and former project supervisor, shares her most impactful experiences, the importance of cultural immersion, and how AMIGOS encouraged her to…

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Discover AMIGOS Around the World

Hudson and Klara are best friends who live on opposite sides of the world – Australia and Maryland! But they decided to do Discover AMIGOS…

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Amigos of the Week – Ella, Jasmine, and Another Ella!

Summer is almost here, and AMIGOS is excited for all of our 2019 volunteers! In the second week of this sharing these incredible young leaders,…

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Amigos of the Week – Sofia and Tori

Summer is almost here, and AMIGOS is excited for all of our 2019 volunteers! In order to showcase these incredible young leaders, we will be…

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Classroom Resources for Educators

AMIGOS believes in learning by doing. Before we send our volunteers to Latin America, they take part in a comprehensive, hands-on leadership training program. This…

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The Perfect Gap Year or Semester Candidate

Who should take a gap year or semester? You! Yes, that’s right, YOU! Not convinced that taking a gap year is for you? Let’s talk…

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A Family of AMIGOS: A Love Story

Allison and Blake are AMIGOS alums who met in Latin America, where they both volunteered as Route Leaders in Paraguay in 1991. Eventually, they got…

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What do llamas receive when they graduate?: A collection of llama-tastic jokes

AMIGOS alumni get the chance to meet llamas, alpacas, and vicunas while they volunteer in Latin America. Memories of these new friends always make our…

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