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One of our Community Impact Project volunteers- Simran, from Los Altos, CA- shares about her experiences with AMIGOS in Panama and virtually, as well as her service project! Learn about the Community Impact Project here.


Simran and her CIP cohort

I decided to join the Community Impact Project because I loved my experience with AMIGOS when I went to Panama the summer before. When I found out about this virtual project, I just signed up because I knew it would be an amazing experience for me! I didn’t know what the Community Impact Project was really about until after I joined and the program began.

The virtual community was very different because it was something we wouldn’t really expect to have. However, right when the program started, it was just so great to still interact with people from all over the Americas right from your house.
It was some something you never will get to see unless you completed this project. One of my favorite moments was when we did the cooking challenge because I got to learn about different foods of different cultures, especially from the students coming from Latin America.

I am also so grateful that through this virtual community, I got to practice my Spanish by speaking everyday with them.


For my service project, I designed a virtual version of our school’s tutorial center where students can ask for help in any of their classes from other students who have taken the class before all through a virtual manner! When schools shut down, many of the resources students relied on to get help also shut down.
I wanted to create this for my school, now that many schools are virtual this school year. After the six weeks were over, I still worked on my project! The tutorial center launched two weeks ago and I am working with the tutorial center coordinator to get more student tutors. 

In the Community Impact Project, I learned that I could make an impact in my community and be a leader.

Hear more from Simran in this great video she made for our 2020 Adelante Benefit:

Thank you Simran for sharing your experience! Learn more about our Community Impact Project here.

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