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Runner Dorn Wenninger takes on challenge of 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days

Dorn Wenninger became a member of the Intercontinental Marathon Club in February when he finished his seventh marathon on 7 continents in 7 days. When…

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Students Travel for Spanish Immersion

Students from Central Kitsap High School travel to another country to further their Spanish skills and immerse their self in another culture. By Collin Smith…

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A Parent’s Perspective

How the Tufts 1 + 4 Bridge Year Changed My Child By Margaret Moore Margaret provides a parent’s perspective on her daughter’s experience in Nicaragua…

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The AMIGOS Experience

By Kendall Roberts Students from Miramonte High School spent their summers with AMIGOS in Latin America. Even a teacher at the school went to Michoacan,…

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Amigos de las Americas celebrates 50th

Since 1965, AMIGOS has run safe, immersive volunteer programs in Latin America. On our 50th anniversary, we reflect on our history and our evolution as…

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Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program Selects AMIGOS

By Kalimah Redd Knight Students accepted into Tufts University’s 1+4 Bridge-Year Program may now choose to do a gap year in Latin America with AMIGOS.…

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